When it comes to wellness, mental health plays a massive role in your overall well-being. Sometimes life moves so fast that it can be hard to check in with your emotions and feelings and devote time to self-care. Just like a healthy diet and exercise can help keep you physically fit, the right vitamins and nutrients can help you maintain your emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

Your ability to handle stress, make healthy choices, and relate to others is imperative to a healthy, fulfilling life. In order to stay physically and emotionally strong, it is important to be knowledgeable about proper nutrition, including the best vitamins for mental health. 

At Elite Testing & Wellness, we want you to operate as your optimal self physically and mentally. This is why we offer Micronutrient Testing as part of our Wellness Testing services. Without an accurate level of vitamins and minerals in your diet, your body cannot function at its best, and mental health is no exception. In addition to deficiencies, an excess of vitamins and minerals can lead to unwanted health issues.

The Importance of Mental Health and Mental Wellness

Mental health is incredibly important because it impacts all aspects of your life. From behavior and thinking to emotions and relationships, mental health is far-reaching. Mental illnesses like anxiety, irritability, and depression can cause people to isolate themselves, stop physical activities and eat unhealthy foods. An unfulfilling, sedentary lifestyle triggered by poor mental health can include behavior patterns that lead to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. 

In conjunction with mental health, mental wellness also provides the foundation for a healthier life. Feeling energetic, being resilient, having a sense of purpose, enjoying positive relationships, and realizing potential are all components of mental wellness. Finding a positive state of being where you can strike a balance between challenges and resources can improve mental health. 

Since food, minerals, and nutrients fuel your body, it makes sense that incorporating the best vitamins for mental health and wellness is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Why These Vitamins Are The Best for Mental health

When it comes to the best vitamins for mental health, B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Magnesium are considered some of the best choices. From fighting fatigue to improving your memory to mood stability and cognitive function, these power-packed vitamins and nutrients are essential to good mental health.

B Vitamins

B vitamins are widely regarded as some of the best vitamins for mental health and a healthy nervous system. This is because B vitamins have helpful mood-altering properties. They can help improve your memory and clarity, and they help fight fatigue. Deficiencies in B vitamins, including Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), and B12, can lead to anxiety, depression, and irritability.

While most people eat a diet with B-rich foods, supplementing with B vitamins can help your body produce neurotransmitters in the brain like dopamine and norepinephrine. These important chemicals influence feelings of motivation, pleasure, and achievement. Low levels of them can contribute to depressive symptoms. 

For example, Vitamin B6 (Pyridozine) in the body is required for hydroxylase and tryptophan production. They are enzymes that work with amino acids that are converted into chemicals that help regulate our mood, like serotonin. A deficit in this vitamin can lead to low serotonin levels, which can also contribute to depression. This is just one of the reasons the right amount of B6 concentrations are needed for good mental health.

Vitamin C

This is the most mainstream, well-known vitamin due to its immune-boosting properties and because it is readily available in fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is also one of the best vitamins for mental health. A deficiency in Vitamin C can cause symptoms like chronic fatigue and depression. Adding the proper amount of Vitamin C supplements can boost mood and energy, and cognitive functions. It can ease anxiety and help you handle day-to-day stressors more easily.


At Elite Testing & Wellness, we want you to operate as your optimal self physically and mentally.

Getting an excess of specific vitamins or minerals can cause health concerns. A Micronutrient Test, also referred to as a Vitamin Deficiency Test, can assess your blood’s vitamin and mineral levels. A simple blood test is all that’s needed.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is great for mental health because it contributes to healthy brain function. At Elite, we have found that patients who are deficient in Vitamin D experience more frequent bouts of depression, anxiety and other mental conditions than other people with normal levels of Vitamin D. What makes Vitamin D interesting is the primary source of it is sunlight. Studies show people who live in warm, sunny climates are less likely to experience a lack of Vitamin D.


Zinc is a mineral that is found throughout the human body. It is referred to as a “trace element” because the body only requires small amounts of it to work efficiently. It benefits the body in various ways by aiding in growth, supporting immune function, building proteins, enzymatic reactions, and healing damaged tissue. Zinc does not naturally occur in the body, so it must be absorbed through the foods you eat. Depending on your diet, it is possible to be deficient in zinc. Low levels can lead to behavioral disturbances and depressive symptoms, especially in women. 


Magnesium plays a critical role in the body because it calms and regulates the nervous system. Studies show that low magnesium levels are linked to depression and that increased magnesium intake can reduce depressive symptoms. It is also used to ease premenstrual syndrome in women and even hypertension in children with ADHD. 

What Is A Vitamin Deficiency Test?

A Micronutrient Test, also referred to as a Vitamin Deficiency Test, can assess your blood’s vitamin and mineral levels. A simple blood test is all that’s needed.

The results give us a terrific snapshot of your micronutrient blood levels. This means we can tell if you are deficient in any vitamins, the organic compounds the body needs for life-sustaining functions, or minerals, the inorganic substances our body does not produce naturally that we also need for optimal health. In some cases, people are getting an excess of specific vitamins or minerals, which can also cause health concerns. 

With Micronutrient Test results, Elite can help you customize a plan to ensure you get exactly what your mind and body needs.


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