NAD+ Therapy

Restore your NAD+ Levels with a simple Injection to support DNA repair with cell growth and protection.

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The History of NAD


Scientists identified NAD, Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, over a century ago. This coenzyme exists in all living cells in two forms: NAD+ and NADH. The difference between the two forms relates to electron transfer. NAD+ accepts electrons as an oxidizing agent. Once acquired, it becomes NADH and can donate electrons.

NAD+ is vital for healthy organs and a healthy neurological system. While scientists know NAD+ performs these essential functions in our bodies, there’s much more to learn about the important role of NAD+ for health. One thing we know is NAD+ therapy helps the body function better for improved health.

What is NAD+ Therapy?

Elite Testing and Wellness offers NAD+ therapy. Research shows injection therapy as the safest and most effective method to raise NAD+ levels and takes just minutes. Oral supplements for NAD+ do exist; however, absorption is difficult through the gastrointestinal system.

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NAD+ Infusion IV Anti-Aging

What does NAD+ Do?

NAD+ exists in all living cells in your body and performs many important functions. These include:

  • Reducing and slowing the signs of aging
  • DNA repair
  • Control of calcium levels
  • Regulates gene expression
  • Mitochondrial biogenesis
  • Epigenetic modifications
  • Posttranslational modifications
  • Energy production
  • Skeletal muscle development
  • Cell regeneration

It’s important to note that as our bodies age, the level of NAD+ in your cells decreases. This decrease impacts the ability of the body to maintain cell health and repair cells. The result is a decline in both physical and mental health. NAD+ therapy offers a solution to increase NAD+ levels and rejuvenate your body with this important tool to aid cells.

Steps for NAD+ Therapy

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What are the Benefits of NAD+ Therapy?

Bio-hack your body with NAD+ therapy! You can replace the lost NAD+ in your cells to improve your body’s function across many areas.

Research shows that NAD+ therapy reduces the impact of aging on cells. As we age and cellular function decreases, our bodies develop diseases, bone loss, muscle loss, reduced neurologic function, cardiovascular issues, and other signs of aging. NAD+ therapy restores NAD+ to cells and positively impacts cellular function.

DNA repair also suffers as we age. Emerging thought ties reduced NAD+ levels to decreased DNA repair. DNA damage can lead to higher risks for cancers making DNA repair important for sustained health. NAD+ therapy acts as a catalyst for DNA repair to protect your cells and help prevent cancer.

Stay vibrant and strong. NAD+ naturally occurs in our bodies providing vital physical functions. Restore NAD+ levels for improved health in countless ways. From vital impacts, like an improved brain and cardiovascular health to smaller impacts, like clearer skin and increased energy, NAD+ therapy brings positive change to your physical wellness.

Our skeletal muscular health impacts posture, breathing, and movement. Research shows that NAD+ works in the development and maintenance of skeletal muscle. As we age, our skeletal muscular health determines whether we’re able to remain active and vibrant. Increased NAD+ levels aid your body in the continued development of skeletal muscular health.

To explain this, we need to include a short science lesson. Sirtuins are a family of protein molecules that play a critical role in the body’s inflammatory response and antioxidant expression. In layman’s terms, some sirtuins reduce inflammation and in turn reduce pain. In order for those inflammation-reducing sirtuins to function properly, they need NAD+ coenzyme. Having an adequate supply readily available in your bloodstream can effectively reduce pain from inflammation.

Now that we know what sirtuins can do for inflammation, let’s talk about what it does in our brains. This protein is useful in many areas of our body and the NAD+ coenzyme can help it to improve the resistance of the cells to stress and even slow the process of cognitive decline. That’s an impressive claim. When the NAD+ is provided to sirtuins they have the ability to,

  • Increase memory
  • Elevate moods
  • Improve mental clarity
  • Increase concentration
  • Improve ability to focus
  • Facilitate brain regeneration
  • Increase neurological function
  • Reduce symptoms of depression

Science has revealed to us that addiction is a complex psychological disorder that most commonly affects how messages are conveyed to the brain. Recovery from addiction can be incredibly difficult. In fact studies from the National Institute of Drug Abuse have shown that 40-60% of people who struggle with addiction relapse. While NAD+ is not a cure for addiction, it can be a powerful tool in aiding patients through withdrawal symptoms. Making the withdrawal period an easier transition helps to transition patients safely into sobriety.

NAD+ is a natural therapy that aids patients without the nasty side effects of other medications and is effective in conjunction with counseling or psychotherapy. NAD IV therapy has been shown to be effective in helping patients detox from a wide variety of substances including opioids, alcohol, and prescription drug dependencies.

ATP or adenosine triphosphate is often referred to as “molecular currency” in the scientific community. It’s called this because it is essentially the source of energy for our cells. ATP is the fuel that supports important functions like cellular respiration, muscle contractions, and the replication of DNA. We can’t survive without these functions and NAD IV Therapy directly aids ATP production in the body. Which boosts energy levels in patients. This treatment has been used to treat patients with conditions as extreme as chronic fatigue syndrome and as minor as jet lag.

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