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Myers IV Cocktail Therapy Drip

Have you been considering IV therapy but aren’t sure where to start? Then, the Myers Cocktail might be the perfect drip for you! Myer’s Cocktail is gaining popularity as drip therapy has become more well known.

Created by the late Dr. John Myers, this drip therapy was the first to introduce this vitamin and mineral treatment. He designed this formula to potentially treat various clinical conditions, including fatigue, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, and more. Although the classic Myers’ Cocktail can be an excellent treatment for various ailments, many healthcare providers often tailor treatments for their patients to meet specific needs.

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What Are The Benefits Of The Myers’ Cocktail?

IV therapy provides so many health benefits. Whether you are currently dealing with health issues or want to give your immune system a boost, this Cocktail is a great choice. So many patients have experienced a reduction in asthma attacks, less fatigue, fewer symptoms of fibromyalgia, relief from chronic sinusitis and upper respiratory tract infections, relief from migraines, and more.

Elite Testing and Wellness IV Therapy Membership Program

What’s In The Classic Myers’ Cocktail?


Although each clinic can supplement their drips, the Myers’ Cocktail is a classic and a great first-time drip if you’ve been on the fence about IV Therapy. Because this drip can improve overall health and directly addresses things that many people are deficient in, here are the standard components of this popular drip.

Elite Testing and Wellness IV Therapy Membership Program


  • Vitamins are an essential component of any drip therapy. However, the Myers Cocktail always includes a healthy dose of Vitamin C, B-Complex, and Vitamin B12. These vitamins are known to boost the immune system and improve energy levels as well as muscle function.


  • Calcium is an excellent supplement for most people as it aids bone formation and strength. It can also help control irregular heartbeats


  • Most Americans are deficient in magnesium as it’s hard for the body to absorb in many forms. Magnesium is generally stored in bones, muscles, and soft tissues. It has been found to reduce fatigue, migraines, and muscle spasms and may even help those at risk of cardiovascular diseases.


  • As we all know, Zinc is essential and can help regulate the immune system. However, Zinc is not naturally created in the body. Therefore, the deficiency of Zinc can lead to subsequent health issues. 


  • Glutathione is a potent antioxidant that naturally occurs in the body. Glutathione aids the immune system and has been found to help prevent cancer, cystic fibrosis, HIV, and the normal aging process

Saline Solution

  • All ingredients for the Myers’ Cocktail are combined in an IV bag, usually consisting of normal saline. Saline is used in hospitals to help hydrate patients and deliver medicines intravenously.

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Myers IV Cocktail Therapy Drip

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Is The Myers’ Cocktail Right For Me?


The Myers’ Cocktail can benefit most patients. Because this therapy packs a high potency of antioxidants, nutrients, and other immune-boosting factors, individuals with weakened immune systems or diseases that negatively impact immune resilience can benefit from this treatment. This treatment could help you if you suffer from low energy, if you’re an athlete, if you suffer from chronic fatigue, if you regularly require intravenous hydration, if you are seeking relief from hangover or withdrawal symptoms, or if you suffer from depression or anxiety. 

According to many clinical studies, the Myers’ Cocktail is well tolerated by most patients. In addition, since this treatment is administered directly into the bloodstream surpassing the digestive system, a higher concentration of vitamins becomes bioavailable for the body. Call us today to book your consultation if you think the Myers Cocktail might be right for you.

What Will I Feel Like After?


Because each patient is different, it’s hard to predict how a new treatment will affect you. However, many patients who have undergone Myer’s Drip Therapy describe feeling more energetic than ever. Although this isn’t an anti-aging treatment, many users attest to feeling firmer facial tissue and notice their skin seems healthier. For the most part, when your body has been experiencing deficiency, and suddenly the essential vitamins it needs to function are available, you feel rejuvenated. This treatment has even been dubbed a “vacation in a bag” because of its rejuvenating effects on the body. If you’re ready to experience this for yourself, contact us today to set up your consultation.

How Long Do The Effects Last?


After IV Therapy (which can last 60-90 minutes based on your dosage). Many patients claim they can feel the effects of this procedure for a few weeks after therapy. However, your body will undoubtedly benefit whether you are feeling drastic results from this therapy or not. 

How Often Should I Get IV Therapy?


Unfortunately, there is not a one size fits all answer for that. It highly depends on your body, specific nutrient deficiencies, and personal therapy goals. For example, suppose you are looking to replace a particular deficiency or treat a specific symptom of an ongoing health issue. In that case, your doctor can help you determine an optimal treatment schedule to meet your health goals.

Why Should I Work With Elite Wellness For My IV Therapy?

Elite Testing is the best choice to get the IV Therapy you need. We provide a safe and comfortable facility. We offer online scheduling for optimal convenience. We practice the highest safety standards, and you will always receive fast and professional service. Our staff is well trained to answer your questions and comfortably provide these services.

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