A vitamin deficiency test is a simple lab test that can diagnose micronutrient deficiencies in your body. Our bodies need micronutrients that include vitamins and minerals. Even though we only need small quantities of these, they are crucial for optimal health and well-being. Deficiencies in any vitamin or nutrient can lead to severe health conditions and should be corrected immediately. Currently, more than 30% of people in the US are at risk for vitamin deficiency; keep reading to see if you might be one of the ones affected by this easy-to-diagnose and correctable condition.

What Is A Vitamin Deficiency Test?

A Vitamin Deficiency test sometimes referred to as a nutrient test, can assess your blood’s vitamin and mineral levels. The most common way this test is performed is by a finger prick or a venous blood test to collect blood. Then, simple lab tests are performed to test your blood’s nutrient and mineral levels. 

The results from this testing provide you with information about your micronutrient blood levels. If you have too little vitamin or mineral, you have a deficiency and might need to supplement. Supplementing your body with the vitamins and micronutrients you’re deficient in is critical for your overall health and well-being. Replenishment can do this with IV Infusions, oral supplements, or changes in diets, depending on the level of deficiency you’re experiencing. 

Vitamins and micronutrients are involved in almost all the processes in the body, including the production of enzymes and hormones. They are also necessary for physical and mental development. 

What Are Common Symptoms of Deficiency?

Some of the most common symptoms of vitamin deficiency are fatigue, lack of energy, weakness, or dizziness. In addition, some deficiencies can cause serious health issues, such as poor physical and mental development in children, blindness, vulnerability to disease, or difficulty healing. 

What Is The Test Like?

Vitamin Deficiency Tests are simple blood tests and can be done by a finger prick test or by collecting venous blood. Our highly trained staff can perform this simple test efficiently, focusing on accuracy and comfort. The laboratory will then test the levels of vitamins and minerals, and we will share your results with you in just a few days.

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Who Should Be Tested For Vitamin Deficiency?

If you belong to a high-risk group, it would be best to test for deficiencies. Specific high-risk groups include pregnant women, small children, those suffering from gastrointestinal disorders that result in low nutrient absorption, those eating an unbalanced diet, vegans, those who consume excessive amounts of alcohol, taking certain medications that decrease nutrient consumption, and living in regions with little sunshine. 

Typically otherwise healthy individuals that eat a balanced diet and live an active lifestyle do not need to worry about getting enough vitamins and minerals. However, there are exceptions, and some people risk developing vitamin deficiencies for various reasons. If you have any concerns about your vitamin levels, we encourage you to take this simple blood test to know for sure. Knowing you have a deficiency can help you take essential intervention steps to improve your overall health and longevity.

What If I Have A Deficiency?

If you have a vitamin deficiency test and the results confirm that your nutrient blood levels are below healthy, you should talk to your doctor about treatment options. Luckily, many treatment options are available; your doctor can help you identify the reason for the deficiency and your associated risk factors moving forward. They can also advise you on the best course of action for treatment. For example, depending on your deficiency level, you might be encouraged to change your diet, take an oral supplement or take intravenous therapy. For most patients, replenishing a deficiency is easy; the effects are felt quickly as your health begins to thrive.

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Why Should I Work With Elite For My Vitamin Deficiency Test?

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