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Immune IV Therapy Drip

Build your defense. Immune health protects your body from colds, flu, and other illnesses. Strengthen your immune system with targeted supplements, including zinc, ascorbic acid, and B-12.

Sickness affects us all, and the best defense against health problems is a robust immune system. Healthy immune systems can protect you from colds, flu, and other illnesses. We provide Immune IV Therapy Drips to strengthen your immune system with carefully targeted supplements, including zinc, ascorbic acid, as well as the B Vitamins (B1,B3, B2,B5,B6) which many people are deficient in. Unfortunately, it’s easy for our immune systems to become weakened due to environmental factors. IV Therapy can help restore and strengthen your immune system to equip you better to fight infections and improve your body’s natural defenses.

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What Causes a Weak Immune System?

Chronic Stress

When you live with excessive environmental or emotional stress, it has an impact on every system in your body. For example, chronic stress can cause weight gain and affect your mood, sex drive, and immune system. Regular IV therapy could benefit you and better support your body during this difficult time if you’re in a season of chronic stress. Although the best defense is to cut down on chronic stressors, that isn’t always an option; that’s when you must seek support. 


Many patients are surprised that 70% of your immune system is housed in your gut. The food you put into your body plays a critical role in your immune system. The quality and variety of food you eat will determine what fuel your body will use to power your vital functions. Meaning a diet low in vitamins and minerals will be unable to function at its best. 

Lack of Sleep

Sleep is another crucial ingredient in optimal health. Lack of consistent sleep can lead to weight gain, mood changes, higher blood pressure, an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and more. This is especially common for new parents, college students, and people with high-pressure jobs. So the first line of defense is to develop better sleep habits and allow enough time for good sleep. The second step is to support your body with what it needs to function correctly, such as IV Therapy. 

Elite Testing and Wellness IV Therapy Membership Program

Why Can’t I Take Vitamins?


Although vitamins are a great way to boost your immune system, many over-the-counter vitamins are difficult for your body to digest or aren’t absorbed by your body and are eliminated before your body has a chance to benefit from them. When you get IV Therapy, you benefit in various ways. First and foremost in hydration, all IV Therapy is delivered with saline that helps to hydrate every system of your body. The vitamins that you receive intravenously are administered directly into the bloodstream, making them immediately bioavailable to your body. Finally, because you bypass the digestive system entirely, your body can benefit from these vitamins and minerals. 

Elite Testing and Wellness IV Therapy Membership Program

How Does Immunotherapy Support My Immune System?


Supporting your immune system is an important step in overall wellness. Delivering high doses of essential nutrients such as vitamin C and Vitamin E Glutathione directly into your bloodstream can support the production and distribution of white blood cells. Ensuring almost 100% nutritional absorption and immediate bioavailability will support optimal organ function. It’s also crucial to maintain a healthy balance for optimal health.  

IV Therapy can increase antioxidant levels and antioxidant protection, which can help your body fight free radicals that cause cell damage and weaker body function. In addition, it can facilitate detoxification and the removal of damaging compounds that can cause inflammation and leads to discomfort. Immune therapy can help maintain a healthy gut flora where 70% of your immune system is located. It also delivers quick and adequate hydration which is essential for your body to carry oxygen and prevent toxins from building up in a way that negatively affects the immune system.

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Am I A Good Candidate For Immunotherapy?


We all want to feel our best all the time, and supporting your immune system is a great way to protect your body and prepare it to fight against illness. While we can’t protect ourselves from exposure to germs, bacteria, and viruses, we can take steps to boost our immune system. If you’ve had trouble getting over an illness, felt less than your best, are run-down, or are overly tired. Immunotherapy might benefit your health. 

These treatments are rich in antioxidants to replenish the vitamins and minerals your body needs while hydrating and flushing out toxins that cause damage. If you’ve been curious about IV Therapy, contact us today at 404-316-7895 or come by for a consultation. Our talented staff can listen to your concerns, answer any questions you might have, and make recommendations for your optimal health. Many of our treatment plans are customizable based on your needs. Contact us today to learn more about this therapy and other therapies that might benefit you.