Food Sensitivity Testing

Discover your optimal diet with food sensitivity testing. Food intolerance or sensitivity becomes easier to identify with a food sensitivity blood test designed to identify the specific foods your body resists.

What is Food Sensitivity Testing?

The process to identify food sensitivities can lead to frustration as patients suffer from a range of digestive symptoms, including stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, gas, cramps, bloating, and vomiting. In addition, other symptoms, like headaches, irritability, anxiety, and more tie to food sensitivity issues.

The goal of food sensitivity testing is to identify the foods that trigger your symptoms so you can better manage your diet. Determining food sensitivities through diet elimination alone takes time. Food sensitivity blood testing narrows down the search to specific foods more quickly and easily.

IgG Food Sensitivity Analysis

IgG food antibodies indicate an immune response to certain foods. Unlike food allergies that cause an immediate reaction in the immune system, food sensitives cause symptoms over a longer period. IgG antibodies may lead to a delayed response making it more challenging to link the symptoms to specific food. IgG blood testing measures IgG antibodies for specific foods.

A doctor or dietitian frequently orders food sensitivity testing. At Elite Testing and Wellness, we provide food sensitivity testing at our safe and convenient testing center.

Food Sensitivity Testing
What Does Food Sensitivity Testing Evaluate?

With the right testing, we can scientifically measure food intolerance. Food allergy testing relates to IgE antibodies which produce an immediate response in the body. Food sensitivity testing evaluates IgG antibody levels which indicate delayed reactions from food sensitivity.

We test for many different foods, including gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, certain meats, vegetables, and fruits. The goal is to isolate which foods impact your system negatively.

With food sensitivity blood testing, we only need a small amount of blood from a finger prick. Then, we test the blood for sensitivity to specific foods using state-of-the-art technology. Once we have the results, we provide the details to you and your doctor or dietitian to give you the powerful information you need to create an improved diet. You will know what foods to avoid so you can eliminate unwanted symptoms.

What are the Benefits of Food Sensitivity Testing?

Since food sensitives aren’t allergies and don’t produce an immediate response, it’s a challenge to narrow down the cause of the symptoms. The biggest benefit of testing is finding the answers you need for relief.

Even if you discover you don’t have a food sensitivity, it’s worth it to rule this out as a cause for your symptoms. You and your doctor can then focus on other conditions for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.


  • Locate problem foods
  • Find relief from symptoms
  • Avoid inconvenient food elimination diets
  • Build a diet optimized for your health
  • Give your doctor or dietitian powerful information for your treatment plan

Steps for Food Sensitivity Testing

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do food sensitivity testing?

If you experience symptoms that may relate to food susceptibility, testing can bring much-needed relief. Once you identify the foods that don’t work for you, you can build a diet designed for your optimal health.

With our testing, you receive diagnostic results much quicker than with elimination diets. This means you don’t have to spend months restricting foods and searching for answers. Food susceptibility testing gives you a head start in determining if your symptoms relate to food intolerance.

Optimize Your Diet and Your Health

Find the help you need with food sensitivity testing. Elite Testing and Wellness offers easy online scheduling for your convenience. Visit us online to schedule a consultation or appointment.