DNA Fit Testing

Transform your life and health with customized resources based on your unique DNA profile.

What is DNA Fit Testing?

A DNA Fit Test evaluates your DNA to offer insight into the best health solutions for your body. DNAfit offers more than just a test, it promotes a lifestyle. You receive customized plans with workouts and diet based on DNA.

DNA fit testing is a revolutionary program that puts you in charge of your health. This data-based health system works to help you meet your goals.

Fitness and Nutrition Goals

  • Lose Weight
  • Improve Fitness
  • Improve Health
  • Enhance Performance
  • Reduce Stress
  • Genetically-Matched Workouts

Are you ready to take your health to the next level? DNA testing for fitness and nutrition is the perfect step!

At Elite Testing and Wellness, we recommend DNAfit. Not only do they provide your DNA test kit, but they support the results with app-based resources to put the data to work for you.

DNA Fit Testing
Diet Fit

Diet Fit uses data from your unique DNA reports to develop the best diet solutions based on your genes. With Diet Fit, you receive the support you need to create the best diet for your body.

Diet Fit Includes:

  • Diet Insights – Learn your optimal diet type based on your genetic response to carbohydrates and fat. Plus, learn foods more likely to cause sensitivity or intolerance in your body. This report breaks down your optimal diet into the best percentage of food types to consume daily to optimize your health and weight.
  • Nutrient Insights – DNA holds the key to identify nutrients your body may need higher levels of. These personalized insights help you create a diet based on foods that serve you best to attain improved health and fitness performance.
  • Personalized Meal Plan – Receive a meal plan based on your DNA. The MealPlanner includes recipes designed to match your tastes, genetics, and target weight. Plus, you receive an ingredients list designed to make food shopping easier.
Health Fit

Health Fit combines the insights from Diet Fit into a personalized fitness solution based on your DNA. Health Fit maximizes your workout based on your specific body and genetic makeup.

Health Fit includes:

  • Diet Insights
  • Nutrient Insights
  • Fitness Insights – Fitness insights offer data on your optimal training type with predicted responses for power, endurance, strength and aerobic trainability. Plus, learn your predisposition to injuries, like Achilles injury risk, ALC injury risk and lower back injury risk.
  • Meal and Training Plan – Receive the MealPlanner plus customized training plans. Workout plans designed to meet your goals based on your genetics and available fitness equipment.
  • Stress and Sleep Insights – Your body has a genetic predisposition for how it responds to stress. Learn your level of stress resilience and how you perform under pressure. Also, learn whether mornings or evenings are your optimal productive times along with your maximized levels of sleep.

Steps for DNA Fit Testing

It’s fast and easy to schedule your fit DNA test and put DNAfit to work for you.


Book Appointment

Book an appointment online or by phone

DNA Swab Test

Visit our office for a saliva swab used to test DNA sequencing

DNA Lab Processing

We send your DNA swab to an accredited lab for customized results


Receive the results within two to three weeks & discuss next steps

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When do I need to take another DNA test?

Never! Your DNA remains the same for your entire life. You only need one test.

How is my data used?

We understand the sensitive nature of DNA data. That’s why we partner with a proven company we trust. DNAfit only tests your DNA for the information agreed to, then destroys the DNA sample.

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