IV therapy is an effective technique to equip your body with the nutrients and hydration required for optimal function. IV treatment is a powerful tool to directly deliver vitamins, nutrients, and potent medicine into your bloodstream. IV treatments are highly bioavailable to your body and are generally more effective since they can skip the digestive tract. This technique is distinct from other treatments allowing your healthcare team to use science-backed solutions to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

IV therapy immediately refreshes and rehydrates your body, keeping you nourished and energized. This technique is highly efficient, can be performed quickly, and has incredible advantages. Today we’re going to examine those benefits below. 

1. Fully Customizable Treatments

Every patient is unique, and the reasons they seek treatment vary depending on their physical activity level, overall health, lifestyle, and health goals that will leave them with differing needs. In the same way that not all diets are suitable for everyone, not every wellness plan is effective for everyone. IV therapy is completely customized to your needs and can supply the ideal blend of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to your body to help you achieve your health goals. 

2. Improved Wellness

IV treatments can improve your physical wellness, but they can also impact your emotional health. When you supply your body with the essential nutrients and support it needs to stay in optimal health, it aids in the treatment of many mental illnesses. Many IV therapy patients have reported a reduction in physical ailments and chronic pain, resulting in a better quality of life for patients. In addition, simply being comfortable in your physical body can positively affect conditions such as depression and anxiety. When you provide your body with an optimal combination of vitamins and nutrients, you will notice you feel better, and you can improve your immunity and cognitive function as well! 

3. Enhances Appearance

Most IV treatment centers offer beauty-enhancing IV therapy. These treatments can increase the health and strength of your hair and nails and improve your skin’s complexion by providing a unique blend of antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins. In addition, these treatments can help your body detox and refresh your skin and face from the inside out. The result is a refreshed look and a renewed energy with better skin and even a minimized appearance of wrinkles. 

4. Improved Digestive Tract

IV therapy can have a surprisingly positive effect on your digestive system. We all know our bodies function optimally when they are well hydrated. However, when you drink a large amount of liquid, the amount of fluid your body can absorb is limited. Meaning that when you drink more than your body can process, your digestive system works hard to eliminate the excess, and in that process, it often drains your body of vital nutrients. IV treatments do not depend on the digestive system, so they produce less waste and allow your body to retain more nutrients. Also, many IV treatments can supplement your body’s needs, making nutrients highly bioavailable that would be harsh on the digestive tract. 

5. Improved Hydration

Of course, we all know the importance of hydration. Our bodies are roughly 60% water and rely on water for optimal functioning. Therefore, dehydration affects all of us from time to time. A variety of activities can cause it from working out, sun exposure, sickness, excessive alcohol consumption, and even prolonged sleeping can cause us to feel dehydrated. IV therapy can assist your body in achieving optimal hydration. IV therapy restores fluids more quickly than drinking and allows liquids to be distributed throughout your body promptly.  

6. Improved Athletic Performance

Athletes demand a lot from their bodies for peak performance. Supplying nutrients, vitamins, and optimal hydration can help you perform at higher levels. IV therapy aids athletes in flushing out toxins and free radicals. It also helps them heal more quickly, recover from injuries and maintain muscle and tissue. Some IV therapy can even supply amino acids, the building blocks of proteins that contribute to muscle growth and recovery. 

7. Aids In Weight Loss

Many patients are surprised that IV therapy can help you dissolve unwanted fat and burn calories. IV therapies that use a unique formula of lipotropic fluids and vitamins can be administered as an effective strategy for unhealthy weight can be an incredibly effective weight loss strategy when used in conjunction with a thorough weight loss program that involves regular exercise and a nutrient-dense diet. 

8. Hangover Recovery

Hangovers are never fun. Recovering from overindulging in alcohol can tax your body and leave you nauseous and run down. A Hangover Recovery IV treatment includes anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medication, vital vitamins, saline solution, and electrolytes to rehydrate and replenish the dehydrating effects of alcohol. A hangover recovery IV usually doesn’t take long, and you will feel relief immediately. 

9. Replenishes Nutrient Deficiencies

Nutrient deficiencies can occur when people are too ill to unable to eat or are suffering from health problems that lead to vitamin shortages, such as colon cancer, celiac disease, and cystic fibrosis. Patients with these illnesses frequently have trouble acquiring the nutrients they need from their diets and suffer from deteriorating health conditions. IV therapy allows them to skip the digestive system entirely and directly deliver the nutrients they need to the cells that need them. 

10. Fast Results

Not only do patients benefit from short treatment times, meaning that most IV treatments are completed in less than an hour, but you can also simply unwind and enjoy the process in a peaceful, comfortable setting. You’ll also benefit from the immediate beneficial effects of IV treatment on your body. Most patients report feeling more energized and improved moods within a few hours of treatments; contact us today to schedule your treatment!


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At Elite Testing and Wellness, our dream is for you to feel wellness in ways you’ve never experienced before. Our approach to wellness is to treat the patient, not the problem. We do our best to offer services that treat the entire patient, not just a problem area. We have treatments for your body which can help you boost your immune system within your environment. We have treatments to improve your skin and hair, and nails, allowing your body to function optimally and boost your self-esteem to know you’re looking your best. We can help you detox from a negative or polluted environment. We even offer wellness testing to change your diet or environment to provide for your optimal wellness. No matter where you are searching for harmony on your wellness journey, Elite is here to help. Call us today at (404) 689-6860 or schedule an appointment for your free consultation, and we will help you customize a treatment plan for your optimal wellness today.  


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